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History of the 6 Readers of Krishnamurti Paddhati

      Many of you are aware that original KP books/readers were published in 2 volumes in 1966 from Sagar Publications  

But many of you may not be aware that the same 2 volumes were later published by Modern Astrological Research Institute, 13 Brahmin Street, Madras 15 in a ‘revised’ edition. In fact, the 2 volumes published by MARI, were under more scrutiny from K. S. Krishnamurti himself, because it was through his own book shop! In fact, in the advertisement on page 26 of Astrology &Athristha (A&A), March 1971 issue you can easily see that the advertisement uses the term “Revised in two Vols”. Note, that the publisher is Mahabala Publishers and Book Sellers, 12 Brahmin Street, Madras 15. So, the MARI edition is a revised version than Sagar 1966 edition. 

It is only a child’s guess to clearly understand that KSK’s revised 2 volumes by MARI is more reliable than Sagar publication 1966 editions, though there are only very marginal differences between the two version. 

Thus the true history is: 

KSK published “original” 1966 version of 2 volumes of KP reader from Sagar Pub and then a “revised version of 1966” edition published by MARI under KSK’s ownership, which was sold upto the end of 1971 plus a reader on Horary published in June 1970. 

Now what happened in 1971? 

KSK got his manuscript ready for 10 Readers of KP. These 10 readers were almost ready for being published while KSK was alive, and under his tutelage!! However, Readers from 7 to 10 were not in bounded volumes but were type-written, photocopied bundles of paper, which were in private circulation for proof-reading before it goes for final print.

But it never saw the light of the day.

Later these 10 Readers got bundled up into Six Readers.  

There used to be propaganda carried out in A&A for a few years from 1971 onwards about the improvisation in 1971 readers. It is but natural for any publisher to go about praising their new editions. But during his ill-health in 1971, there was no one to stop any alteration of the originality of his readers. 

So, the Six Readers came at a time when KSK’s health was fast declining. All these Six ‘regrouped’ readers were available for sale at the end of 1971 and KSK breathed his last in March 1972. 

The summary about these facts therefore, mean: 

1.      1966 KP two volume readers (Sagar edition and MARI edition) are the most original and undistorted version of KP.

2.      KSK already had his Horary Astrology published in 1970 as a separate reader little before even the 10 Readers were created.

3.      KP ten Readers are ‘expansion’ of KP literature, mainly from the published articles of A&A from 1963 till 1971 by KSK. These were not published publicly but were in private circulation as manuscript.

4.      1971 six readers are at best ‘regrouped’ version of previous 10 readers with many additions and deletions than the Original 1966 Readers.

5.      1971 Six Readers are more comprehensive in different chapters and topics.

6.      But for originality of KP principles, it is the 1966 versions of Sagar and MARI.

It is therefore a matter of personal preference whether one would go for originality of KP principle in order to learn, practice and profess KP or just get fascinated by the comprehensiveness in 6 Readers that came up in his last days, albeit without much of his intervention due to his declining health.


Write-up Courtesy: Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) Retrieved from Dr. Dutta's weblog