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Birth Time Rectification and Ruling planets Video Course Customer Feedback

Dear Mr Ramesh,

I am in receipt of Foundation Course material. Thank you.

The material in indeed good and helpful. I would like to go for Advanced and Professional course.............

Regards and thanks,

Flt. Leutenant Anand Navaratna


Dear Dutta ji,

I have no words to express how much you mean to me in my learning of KP. 

Your birth time rectification astrology course is the best material I have ever studied in kp astrology. your way of teaching is so simple and easy to follow. I know few relatives of mine who are also your management students. They tell me that you are the same great teacher in the classroom also. 

Recently I purchased your ruling planets material and the quality of the materials and the teaching is simply the best I have  ever seen. Sir, YOU ARE THE REINCARNATION OF KS KRISHNAMURTI.

God bless you Sir.


Satya Reddy, Hyderabad


Dear Dr. Dutta,

Many thanks for sending such a great material for learning. It's been a great learning. Apart from many other chart analyses, I am also analysing my own chart and finding the theories very useful and correct. 

Currently, I am interested in purchasing the "Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology" video course material. I shall be grateful if you could send the same at the earliest convenience.


Vachaspati Mishra, Jalandhar


Hello Ms. Jaya/BRGJ,

I have almost a library of astrological books. My passion for astrology books have actually propelled me to buy Dr. Andrew's video courses. But after going through his RBT and RP course, I think his video courses are the "stars" in my library! I am spellbound with his erudite scholarship and command over the subject.

By the way, his predictions about my grandchild has turned out to be true this Jan 2013.

Long live Andrew ji!!

Sincere Regards to all of you,

Mr. S.K. Rathod, Bangalore


Dear Andrew

I am writing this after watching your CD " Professional Video CourseApplications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology " 

I did not responded immediately after receiving the CD because I wanted not only to see the CD but i had to apply some of the learning points ,so did applied and got good results .
Your explanation is very clear.
I am a practicing astrologer of Vedic pathadi but for some time i was also using KP astrology without knowing much detail. My forefathers were astrologers being  in Brahman family I also developed interest in it . I studied around 20 year vedic astrology but never gave predictions .
But now am quit busy meeting peaple

I wanted to be in touch with you.

Naresh Chandrakar, India

(Received by Dr. Andrew Dutta )

Namaskar Sir,
I have bought KP astrology course cds from you i am very please with the CD and i am thinking to buy more CDs from you. please send me the list of CDs you have related to kp astrology course so i can place order. I want to know if there is another way of learning so i discuss if am not clear with any areas of the course. i want to know if you have horoscope software that i can buy too.

Paramjit Rai, London

Thank you and I congratulate Dr for such an excellent mode of teaching It was lot better than those thousand Rs I have spent on Books on KP. Now today I have deposited in your AXIS bank acount  Rs 1500/- for another set of CDs of Birth time rectification lessons. Kindly despatch next week positively. REGARDS   

T.R.Kapoor  Axis Tr Nos is M266613/18 Jan

Dear Dr. Dutta,

Learning from your video courses is a great opportunity. I have learnt Vedic astrology from visiting Indian senior astrologers here in Moscow. Your are equally well versed in astrology and especially in KP astrology, which is not very well known to us here. I will propagate your methods here in Moscow.

I am very happy with your two courses. Please do send me an email as and when your other courses will be launched.

I wish you could come here in Russia to teach us more and more of KP system.

My sincere regards to you.

Swetlina Modorov, Moscow



The packing was great and more so the product...awesome...!!!!

The lessons are so easy to comprehend...amazing!

Thanks a lot!

Happy Diwali

-Bella Patel, USA


Dear Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit),

I would like to once again complement you on the fantastic video course on BTR. It is worth the long wait, though it would have been better if this was available some time back. 

The course is precise, to the point and methodical and beginners like me alike would greatly benefit from this divine knowledge as foundation tools. Special tips on the process is very much relevant to the otherwise arduous methods required to rectify the important data on which the horoscope stands. This does help in pinpointing the vexed problem of birth time correctness faced by astrologers in day to day analysis.

I wish you more success and look forward to assimilating more and more knowledge from you in the forthcoming days to come. (I have already bought your Ruling Planets video course and learning them presently).

Thanking you and appreciating your work once again and to KP astrology,

With warm regards,

Sureshkumar Mahabal



Your DVD on Ruling Planet is too good. I have gained confidence in predicting horary charts. The house significators and ruling planets will hit the bulls eye. The importance of ruling planets is not understood by many KP stalwarts. You are the living KSK. Within a day or 2, I will send another mail. I am yet to see your BTR. Looking forward to your other videos.

G. Sadashivan, Kerala

(received by SMS in Dr. Andrew's cell phone)

Dear Dr. Dutta,

Very recently I have procured your “BTR through KP” and the Product Registration No. is AD/BTR/3/04. I am much much impressed by the treatment of the subject matter and style of its depiction. Simply it’s wonderful. Lucidity of style of teaching the subject has made me your an ardent follower. I shall be thankful if you will please let me know your other Home Video Courses on KP Astrology and the prices thereof. Please also be kind to advise  the best software for KP charts.

Tulsi Adhikari, Kolkata



Hi Andrew,

Long time back I got your BTR course. It was a superb learning tool for me. Few days back I got your new RP course also. Man you are too good!! Great job done. Keep it up.

Arnold McCain, USA


Dear Dr Dutta,

I have received both the training material and am amazed at how simple you have made learning 'Ruling planets' and 'Birth time rectification'. I have been an ardent follower of KP Astrology for over 6 years now and have not been able to completely grasp concepts from numerous books i have purchased, until i came across your training material.

It has been an awesome learning experience for me and i am eagerly awaiting you next video course releases on KP astrology. I really appreciate your enthusiasm in spreading the knowledge of KP amongst thousands of eager KP learners like me worldwide and i hope you will continue to do so in the near future.

Wishing you all the very best and awaiting your next release, an ardent student and follower i remain.

Best Regards
Debangshu Ghose, Mumbai

Sri Indrajit ji,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for helping thousands of misguided students by providing real Krishnamurti Padhhati knowledge. In 2008 I purchased your "Home video course on Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology". I found your way of rectification very practical and relevant. Since then I have rectified many many charts. Your RULE OF ORIGIN is a very accurate measure. 

I have deposited 90 dollars through WU. Please send me your Ruling Planets course at your earliest. I cant wait any longer to upgrade my knowledge.

Your fan

R. Wickramasinge, Sri Lanka


Dear Andrew Dutta ji,

Last week I purchased your new ruling planet course in KP. It is wonderful. Many years of my confusion has totally gone away. Many many thanks to your Sir for doing this course. I have also placed order for your BTR course.

Thanks and regards,

Mani Sundaram, Chennai


Respected Sri Andrew Dutta ji,


Many years ago I purchased your Home video course on Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology. Recently I purchased your Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology also.  Both the courses are exceptionally intelligent and practical. Your case studies, method of teaching and the quality of video is very brilliant. RP course is HD quality so it is much better.

You are doing a great service to KP and God bless you for that.

I will buy all future video courses by you.

Sincere regards,

Indra Mohan Chatterjee, Kolkata


Hi Mr. Andrew,

Great job you have done in your Ruling planets course.....simply great job. It was a wonderful learning for me. Keep up the great work. Hoping for more stuffs like these from you.

Cynthia Williams, Texas


I want to say that the new Professional Video Course lectured by Dr. Andrew Dutta was extremely helpful to me, I really enjoyed it and it was amazing to see how accurate the applications of  Ruling Planets are working in KP Astrology. I highly want to recommend this Video Course for anyone who wants to improve his knowledge in KP Astrology. It is really a great gift to have that kind guidance of Dr. Andrew Dutta, who gives all that excellent explanations. Please take my appreciation for all that much new informations as also for that many special insights in Vedic KP secrets.

Gerlinde from Vienna


Gud evening miss jaya i have received both video courses send by you on dated 30-9-2012. I gone through both videos and material. Ur video course and materials are really simple to understand and filled with excellent depth perception of KP astrology..plese congratulates dr. Andrew for his great and excellent masterpiece work..i am looking forward to ur KP VIDEO astrology courses releasing in future. At last special thanks to you for whole conversation and cooperation. THANKS and NAMASTE..REGARDS

Dr. Arun Kr. Negi, Himachal Pradesh


Dear Bhagya Ratna Gems and Jewellers,

Both of the video course of birth time rectificationa and ruling planets are par exellence courses on KP. After doing kp astrology for the last 12 years, this is the first time I am finding such a beautiful, valuable and lucidly explained material. I am looking forward to the full KP course by Dr. Andrew.

Wish you all the best!

Monish Kumar, Delhi


Dear Dr. Dutta,

RP course is simple to understand and very informative. Here is my testimonial regarding BTR course. BTR Home Video Course provides starting platform for amateurs (like me) which acts as foundation to explore more on BTR and also provides exposure to other areas in KP Astrology. It has further raised my curiosity and interest. The subject has been explained very clearly keeping in mind that the interested party can be amateurs. I would request you to please regularly update me with other video courses based on their availability.
In future, please allow me to clarify queries in case, I have.

Siddharth, Haryana

Hello Sri Indrajit ji,

Your video courses are splendid. I have purchased your birth rectification as well as the new ruling planets course. You have explained extremely well. Even though I am practicing KP for few years only, both your courses have cleared my many doubts automatically apart from the main learning points.

In the future I want to buy other video courses by you.

Thanks and regards,

Hussain Alam, UAE


sir,recently i bought ur BTR AND RPs video courses..i gone through both written material as well as DVDs,the way of presentation is such that,any fresher also learn KP ASTROLOGY,i am eagerly waiting for forthcoming all video last congratulations to you for such a masterpiece of gem execellent work..

Dr. Arun Kumar Negi, Himachal Pradesh (sent second time)


Dear Bhagyaratna Gems and jewellers,

Please convey my deepest gratitude to Indrajit Sir for gifting the world of astrology a gem of learning----his video courses on birth time rectification and ruling planets. I was directionless but now I know the path. He is the "Guru of all Guru". My Sadar pranams to him.

Gurdeep Singh Soni, Punjab


Simply now words enough to convey the greatness of the videos. Best astrology learning material I have ever come across in  my more than a decade old experience in astrology. Sri Indrajit ji has created a history that no one will ever forget.

M. Bisaria, New Delhi


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