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Dear Team,
It was a great learning experience and I wanted to personally Thank Shri Andrew Dutta for sharing his valuable knowledge on KP astrology. I would like to buy the "Secrets of Astrological Gem Solutions" to expand my knowledge and I'm very sure that it is going to be great. 
Please advise if you have course materials in stock. I will make the transfer as soon as I see a response from you.
With Warm Regards,
Dear Andrew Dutta Sir, 
Namaste, This is Srihari your student. I have just completed Foundation, Advanced and Professional course on KP astrology guided by you. The format, presentation and explanations are crystal clear. The depth of analysis, deep insights on astrological secrets are wonderfully presented.  
Thankyou very much for sharing this divine knowledge. My salutations to you and all the Guru's.
Dear sir,
sir I almost done with ur video course and I am really obliged and thankful to you for giving me all your guidance and experience in kp astrology. I  am  now more confident to do prediction through Kp birth chart and horary chart I already started  and on maximum level I m success too. Only one problem I faced in each cases and it was about solution of problem means remedial resource. in Vedic astrology there are endless remedies but when you analyse horoscope through KP astrology I think remedy or solution little different. 
so I kindly request you to guide me about this problem to find out and suggest my client the exact remedy for their problems. Thank you so much  and also thank to god to give me great guru like you. 
Tushar Patel

Dear  Guruji

Sadar  Pranam !

I had purchased the  RP , BTR  and Accurate Prediction Course . Also I had done my BTR  from you .

You have done an excellent work Guruji . Meticulously planned data , you have gone step by step in explaining all nuances for deciphering the chart .Quality of DVD is amazing . In short I thoroughly enjoyed.

Guruji  I am very much interested in learning from you in Guru - Shishya Parampara . Kindly guide me how it is possible . I stay in Mumbai .

Also suggest whether purchasing Horary course will be useful to me . 

Thanks  &  Regards

Anil Gattani



Pranam Guruji, 
Course is really good, simple and well explained. grateful to you sir...and planning to buy more video courses and wish to have more video courses addressing various topics from you...



Dear Dr.Andrew Ji.

I am the student of all your Video courses. The content and the way of teaching are simply amazing. 
I  started learning astrology just 5 months back and somehow by the grace of god, I got a chance to hear your sample KP videos. After that without second thoughts I decided to purchase all the video courses including old magazines.
With the current little knowledge of KP astrology, I am doing R&D and trying to predict the intraday movements of Nifty index by erecting the KP chart in advance the by using time  9:15 AM and Bombay coordinates. Although the techniques are of top secret among astrologers, I am putting my effort to find the methodology. I think moon transit during the course of 5.5 hours (from 9:15 to 3:30) is responsible for the movement of the index.  
It would be really great if I get some hints and directions how to go about this. 
God bless you.
Thanks & with High Regards
(Name withheld upon request)


I have liked the way how Sri Indrajit ji has taught in his video course. It is so simple to understand as if I am in a classroom adn receving private tution from Duttaji.

KP astrology is now so simple to learn.

I will recommend his course to many of my frineds

D. N.  Dube, Mumbai


"Dear Dr. Dutta,

You have done an unbelievable feat. Your full video course on KP astrology is superb. Many of my concepts are clear, many doubts resolved and I have learnt so many things in your coure that my 10 years of KP learning could not give me from many books.

You deserve a Nobel Prize in Astrology!!

God Bless you"

Rajdeep Seksaria, Pune


"What a masterpiece KP astrology learning material the great master Andrew ji has made. Hats'off to Andrew ji.

Content, teaching and learning is 200% !!!

S. R.  V. Raghavan, Chennai


I received your KP course (3 Vols.) day before yesterday on Saturday. I sat down to watch it same evening and got so deeply engrossed in it that I could not take my eyes away from it. I went through all your six video DVDs in continuity throughout the whole Sunday yesterday. I have been trying to learn KP astrology for the last fifteen years through available books and internet, but with limited success. It appears that for the first time I will probably get some grip on the subject.


The concept propounded in your course regarding Joint, Effective and Fruitful Significators is very convincing and logically appealing. I will now try it on the real life horoscopes that I receive.

After going through your video course, I tried the freshly learnt skills on a few of horoscopes in my family including my own. The theory is working alright.

Dr. Shrikant Ojha, Jaipur


I would also like to say a Very BIG Thank you and inform that, I find this KP VIDEOS are very excellent, systematic and easy to understand and is very useful to me as a student of KP Astrology. 

Thank you and Regards


Mr. Thiyaga Rajan, Malaysia


Thanks for the efforts taken to do all required. Professional Work done for the benefit of all who is interested in learning the K.P.Astrology.Whatever tried is excellent.
I have all the video course u have launch. Wnat more examples in the future courses.

R. Karia, Mumbai


Very well executed and developed astrology course. Never thought that I can learn so much of KP astrology in few days !!

Gustav  Chavez, Moscow




Anil  Raj Mohan, Hyderabad


Dear Sir,

Excellent package . I really enjoyed the course. 

You are the living KSK .

You know so many KP secrets which other KP astrologers do not know. So many secrets have been divulged in the KP Course . For all professional KP astrologers , Advance Level and professional level is a must. Some secrets are mentioned in the Foundation level also . I am continuously working on the secrets which you have mentioned in the course . My aim is to be a reputed KP astrologer and for that guidance from a Guru  like you is imperative.

The main thing i liked in the course is your sincerity that viewers should master KP Astrology after watching your video course. You have been presenting the course with so much passion and sincerity that viewers can not only understand easily but also can recognise your sincerity in students mastering KP thoroughly . The presentation skills are excellent and anyone would be glued to the video course forgetting the surroundings.

I request you to come out with a exhaustive course on Horary ( 4DVDs should be there ) and onadvanced KP course soon where you would be explaining the secrets with more examples.

 Looking forward to your further courses at the earliest.

G. Sadasivan, Kerala


Simply no words are enough. I will not buy any other KP books because I have got the best from Sri Indrajit's video course.

Please come out with more such video course in other branches of astrology.

Alan Weaver, Boston USA


After K.S. Krisnamurthy gave the theory of Stellar Astrology (KP) it became instant popular. By now many people have written many books on the subject. However, a novice in KP do not know what book to read.

With Prof. Andrew Dutta's  three level course not only one learns the ABC of KP but can also learns the advanced techniques.

I suppose this is first time the KP methodology is explained through DVDs in an easy to understand way.

Thanks a lot to Prof. Dutta.

M. Tamba,  Goa


I am practising KP astrology for the past 23 years. I have collected many books on KP in English and HIndi. But never have I came across such a MASTERPIECE !!

The video course on KP is marvellous. 

M. N. Rathod, Uttar Pradesh


"My concepts on KP astrology are now fully clear. I was stuck up in timing of events for al ong time and this video course of Sri Dutta ji is very good. I am now checking my old failed predictions and seeing new light in KP astrology". 

Devi  Sahane, Mumbai


 Dear Dr. Andrew Dutta ji

 I have recently purchased your course on KP astrology, Ruling planets and Birth time rectification. I must say that amongst all the courses (astrology, technical and other academic courses) I have gone through, this stands out as one of the most well planned, articulated anddelivered. Thanks for helping a lot of people like me who may have been trying to learn astrology for quite some time now, but with limited success and understanding. After going through your course,

I am seeing a ray of light that I may be able to make predictions with a decent amount of accuracy as time passes and I keep on practicing.

I have started applying your teachings in real life. 

Sudip Naha, Mumbai


Dear Dr. Andrew,

I have been going through your video courses for last 2 weeks and is wonderful learning experience. I have never got so involved in anything like this before.

I have finished Foundation level and going through Advanced now. Planning to do BTR before Professional course, finally the Ruling Planets course.

A. Mithiran, Bangalore


Dear Mr. Dutta,

 The CD course is really great. I have gone through the first CD.

The explanation onrashi, bhava and graha is great.

The keywords are also very helpful rather than memorising all the text.

G. Naik,  Mumbai


Dear Sir,

Hearty congratulations for successful launching of professional video course which is an encyclopedia of stellar astrology.  I am very fortunate to have this opportunity of learning the K.P.Astrology through you and your video courses (BTR-1,2,3, RP-1,2, Complete Video Course 3 levels-FL/PL/AL) for which I shall be highly thankful to you.  These historical video courses are undoubtedly very useful to fill the gaps and give a chance to find answers to numerous doubts of students like me. It is a land mark and milestone in the history of Indian astrology for ever. Please accept my sincere pranamams for your new approach of guru shishya parampara.  I am eagerly looking for another video course exclusively on K.P.Horary Astrology from your prestigious school of astrology. It is very proud to me to be a student of you and follower of this divine science introduced by his holiness Prof. K.Krishnamurthiji.



Dear Dr. Dutta,

Many thanks for sending such a great material for learning. It's been a great learning. Apart from many other chart analyses, I am also analysing my own chart and finding the theories very 
useful and correct. 

Currently, I am interested in purchasing the "Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology" video course material. I shall be grateful if you could send the same at the earliest convenience.


Vachaspati Mishra, Jalandhar


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