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KP Astrology Learning Centre

Knowledge of KP System Divine Science

Foundation Level KP Video Course Contents

  • Default Settings In Your Astrology Software                               
  • What Is Jyotisha (Astrology)?                                                       
  • What Is Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) Astrology?                         
  • How Is KP Different from Vedic Astrology?                                 
  • Graha Versus Planet                                                                      
  • Rashi Versus Sign                                                                            
  • Bhava Versus Houses                                                                     
  • Sidereal Versus Tropical Zodiac                                                    
  • Placidus House Division In KP Astrology
  • Cuspal Displacement and Intercepted Signs
  • Horoscope Chart Styles                                                                 
  • Sub-Divisions of A Star                                                                  
  • Building A KP Chart                                                                        
  • Parameters Of A KP Chart                                                             
  • KP Sub Table (1-249) Acquaintance                                             
  • Twin Births and KP Analysis                                                          
  • KP Sub Table (1-249) Acquaintance
  • 500+ Tested and Researched KP Combination of Life Events

Accurate Predictions with KP Astrology Foundation Level