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Free KP System Astrology Articles Authored by Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)

Here you will find scholarly articles written by Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit). Many of these articles are research papers that were published in reputed journals and magazines of astrology. Click on each of the titles for the PDF files to download.

Please share these KP System astrology articles with other KP practitioner freely, but do keep your Karma clean by not forgetting to acknowledge Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) as the original author.

Vimshottari Mahadasa Secret Code Revealed

Rarest of Rare article published in the Express Star Teller in January 2015.




Swearing Chart Analysis of Mamata Banerjee in WB 2011 Elections

A clear and precise analysis of the swearing-in chart of Mamata Banerjee after winning WB general elections in 2011, based on Krishnamurthi Paddhati. Read and find out how true the predictions are becoming a daily reality. The article was published in July 2011 issue of Express Star Teller. A self-proclaimed astrologer predicted in his KP magazine that Mamata Banerjee government will fall in 3 years. But Dr. Andrew Dutta's prediction based on original KP principles were proven always.

West Bengal State Election 2011

This article was published in the Express Star Teller in March 2011...two months in advance.



An entirely different but practical article for all. Published in Express Star Teller.




Life Problems and Gem Solutions

This article, published in January 2012 issue of Express Star Teller, provides the esoteric hidden meaning behind gem usage in astrology and prescriptive solutions for a variety of life problems. A rare and scholarly article not usually found everywhere.

Fall of Red Forte in West Bengal: Will CPI(M) be able to win state elections of 2011?

This article was withdrawn by Dr. Andrew Dutta from a popular e-magazine in Jan 2011 due to unscientific review by the reviewer. Later, the new approach suggested here was copied by the reviewer and published in an article in the May 2011 issue of the same magazine. Knowing that the new method may be copied, the author submitted 2 different versions of this article which was published in Express Star Teller in Mar 2011 and Saptarishi Astrology in Mar 2011.


This is a unique article showing the astrological interpretation of twin births based on Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati principles. Published in Express Star Teller in Jan 2011

Marriages are Truly Made In Heaven

An unique article on marriage matching and knowing pre-determination of marriage based on Vedic astrology. Dr. Andrew reveals very old practical secrets. This articles was published in Express Start Teller in July 2011.


A New Approach to Krishnamurthy Paddhati Mundane Analysis

This article is a novel attempt to predict using KP analysis on Hindu New Year Chart. This was published in Saptarishi Astrology in March 2011 for the June Newsletter.





Birth Time Rectification with KP Astrology

FAMOUS article of Dr. Andrew Dutta showing light to birth time rectification using the Krishnamurthy Padhdhati system. Was published in in Express Star Teller


NOSTRADAMUS AWARD 2009 WINNING article published in Express Star Teller. Through this article Dr. Andrew Dutta made unequivical prediction of UPA coming back to power in 2009 general elections of India. Published in EST in May 2009 issue released in April 2009.