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KP Astrology Learning Centre

Knowledge of KP System Divine Science

Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology

Become a master in making accurate predictions using the time tested Ruling Planets of KP Astrology

Learn from the erudite master KP astrologer, Award Winner, Double Gold Medalist, Internationally renowned astrologer and creator of Home Video Course on Birth Time Rectification using KP Astrology in 2007.

Practical, clear and concise video tutoring with all real-life examples.

HD quality 2 videos of over 3.5 hours of video tutoring through Google Drive download link and over 50 pages of high resolution printed and bounded Case Study Material Book by courier to your address. 


Learn Successful KP Astrology Technique in:

  •     Recognizing Ruling Planets that ‘ultimately’ deliver results
  •     How to identify the ‘strongest’ Ruling Planet
  •     Dealing with Ruling Planets that are retrograde
  •     Using Ruling Planets to make INSTANT PREDICTIONS
  •     Accurate timing of events with the help of Ruling Planets
  •     Knowing correctness of Birth time using Ruling Planets
  •     Solving any type of queries using Ruling Planets
  •     Using Ruling Planets to solve various ‘options’/possiblities
  •     Using Ruling Planets to select correct Dasa-Bhukti-Anthra
  •     Using Ruling Planets to know the correct house cusp sublord
  •     How to know the truth of the query/horary questions
  •     Get the time tested rules Ruling Planets of KP Astrology
  •     And many more unknown and secret techniques