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KP Astrology Learning Centre

Knowledge of KP System Divine Science


Finding Events in a birth horoscope

Understanding Ruling Planets

Helpful and Detrimental Houses in KP

Malefic and Benefic planets in KP

Judgment of Events in a KP Birth Horoscope

Selection of Effective Significators

Identification of Fruitful Significators

Fruitful Significators and Vimshottari Dasa

RP, FS and VD

General Transit Rules in KP

Predicting Exact Date of Event: “Rule of Three”

Professional KP Birth Horoscope Analysis

Personal Appearance

Wealth and Finance

Houses, Residences and Vehicles

Children and Child Birth

Romance and Love Affairs


Service, Competition and Legal Matters

Marriage and Partnerships

Inheritance, Legacy and Difficulties

Higher Education, Pilgrimages and Father


Success and Regular Income

Foreign Travels, Imprisonment


Professional KP Horary Analysis

Getting a new job

Promotion in job

Recovering Lost object

Success in love affair

Stock Market speculation

Return of Missing Person

Winning in Court case

Success in Business Tender

Sale of Land or House Construction


Strange Cases and KP

Marriage at 53rd year of life

Celebrity Film Director

Child Birth after 10 years of marriage

Never successful in love affair

Loss of wife, second marriage and then loss of young son

Author of 18 books!

Sexually Molested and Pregnant

Live-in relationship

A Billionaire of India

Elope from Home

An ordinary life to a billionaire’s life

Meaningless Life

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