Birthtime Rectification Video Course

Learning Accurate Birth Time Rectification Assured

This is the world’s most sought after video course in KP Astrology for mastering the technique to rectify birth time discrepancies.

Unique Features of the Video Course:

  • Master the technique to arrive at correct birth time when:
    • Year of Birth is not known
    • Year and month of Birth is not known
    • Large or small birth time ranges are mentioned by your clients
    • Confusion with 2 or more Lagna (Ascendant) presented to you
  • Become expert in rectifying ‘War Time’ births.
  • Master the technique how to know exactly whether the given BT is fully correct or not.
  • Master Dr. Andrew’s ‘Rule of Origin’ technique – the ultimate guide to correct birth time.
  • Learn how to find out important life events after Birth Time rectification.
  • Close to 4 hours of video tutoring through Google Drive and 80 pages of brilliant Study Material book.

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PRICE (Bundled with Ruling Planets Course)

INR 6500/USD 250

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Birth Time Rectification Video Course Bundled with Ruling Planets Video Course

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