Best KP astrology courses in the world from Dr Andrew Dutta of India

Best KP Astrology Courses in the World from India

kp astrology course in english

Complete KP Astrology Video Course

This course is comprised of 3 Levels: Foundation, Advanced and Professional. Contains over 12 hours of videos and 3 study material books.

KP system Horary jyotish

Prashna (Horary) Astrology with KP System Jyotish

World’s easiest and finest KP system astrology Horary course. Study book with more than 100 practical case studies with over 24 hours of video lessons.

Birth Time Rectification through KP Astrology

World’s most famous and reliable course on birthtime correction using KP astrology method. ‘Rule of Origin’ technique is clearly taught in this course. Sold with RP Course.

practical applications of ruling planets

Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology

Best course to learn numerous practical applications of RP in KP. Know how to predict for any events using one ruling planets of the moment.

astrology gem selection

Secrets of Gem Solution in Astrology

Learn the science of recommending astrological combination of gems selecction and gem prescription. This is a ‘Ratna Samadhan’ course .


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