KP Jyotish Astrology Eighth House Rules

Practical and research based Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) bhava rules for application and prediction in the birth and horary horoscopes.

  1. Death and Longevity: The 8th House primarily associates with death and longevity. KP allows for precise predictions about the timing, nature, and cause of death. This precision comes from the sub lord of the 8th cusp, its significations, and the active dasa and bhukti.
  2. Inheritance: This house represents unearned income like inheritances. Favorable planetary influences on the 8th House suggest gains from inheritance.
  3. Mystical Tendencies: The 8th House relates to mysteries and the occult. A dominant 8th House suggests an interest in esoteric practices, research, or secrets.
  4. Surgical Procedures: The 8th House in KP determines surgeries. A connection between the 8th cusp sub lord and the 6th and 12th houses suggests surgery, especially if Mars, representing surgery, is involved.
  5. Financial Aspects: This house sheds light on borrowing tendencies. The 8th cusp sub lord’s signification can hint at a person’s tendency to take or repay loans.
  6. Accidental Incidents: The house signifies unexpected events, including accidents. The influencing planets on the 8th House help determine the type and severity of these accidents.
  7. Research Abilities: A dominant 8th House often indicates deep research and investigative skills, highlighting a penchant for uncovering hidden truths.
  8. Life Transformations: The 8th House stands for transformation and regeneration. It symbolizes life’s cyclical nature, representing endings and new beginnings.
  9. Sexual Inclinations: This house delves into a person’s hidden desires and intimate aspects, touching upon their sexual life.
  10. Health Challenges: Lastly, the 8th House can indicate chronic diseases. Negative planetary influences on this house suggest potential health issues.

KP Rules

  1. When the 8th cusp’s sub lord signifies 5, 6, 8, and 12, borrowing from everyone occurs.
  2. Conversely, if it signifies 2, 10, or 11, the borrowed money is returned.
  3. Signifying 6 and 11 means receiving a cheque and the lender’s loss.
  4. For suicidal death predictions, the 8th cusp’s sub lord should lie in the star of a planet connecting to Maraka, Badhaka houses, the 8th house, and Mars.
  5. To determine the nature of death, consider the 8th cusp’s sub lord, its star links, and its elemental connections (fiery, earthy, airy, watery).
  6. The 6th cusp’s sub lord reveals disease nature. The 8th indicates danger, and fatal outcomes become clear.
  7. Suicide deaths require the 8th cusp’s sub lord to be in a planet’s constellation that signifies bhadhakasthana or marakashthana and the 8th house. Additionally, a connection with Mars, symbolizing unnatural death, is essential.
  8. An accident occurs if the 8th cusp’s sub lord resides in the 8th house’s planet constellation. It’s fatal if connected to the Badhaka or Marakashthana significator.
  9. The 8th house denotes surgery. For surgery, the 8th cusp’s sub lord should connect with the 6th (sickness), 8th (surgery), and 12th (hospitalization) houses. A Mars association, the symbol for surgery tools, is necessary. Operations align with the periods of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses.

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