KP Jyotish Astrology First House Bhava Rules

Practical and research based Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) bhava rules for application and prediction in the birth and horary horoscopes.

  1. The sub lord of the ascendant cusp that represents bhadaka and maraka houses indicates a short lifespan. If it represents houses 1,5,9,10 and also 3 & 8, it suggests a long life. However, if it represents 11 and the ascendant is in a movable sign, or if in a fixed sign representing ix, the lifespan is predicted to be short.
  2. An individual is prone to illness if the sublord of the lagna cusp aligns with the constellation of a planet in vi. The time of illness is linked to the significators of houses 1 and 6.
  3. If a girl’s ascendant sub lord strongly represents 11th and has a strong relationship with Jupiter, it indicates her chastity.
  4. Immoral behavior, possibly even incest, is indicated if the sublord of the ascendant is strongly associated with Saturn, Mars, and Venus and if the 5 and 11 sub lords are linked to any of these planets.
  5. The 1st cusp’s sub lord gives insights into the individual’s overall health and the condition of their head.
  6. A short life is suggested if the sublord of the ascendant aligns with the constellation of a planet situated in Marakasthana or Bhadhakasthana.
  7. The sub lord of the ascendant provides information about an individual’s physical appearance based on its relationships with astrological signs and other planets.
  8. One’s fame can be understood through the 1st cusp sublord’s connection with x via a star.
  9. Murder tendencies are indicated if the querist’s ascendant sub lord is in the constellation of a planet that represents the victim’s bhadhakasthana or marakashthana, and also represents the querist’s ii house.
  10. A person is inclined to lead both a family and spiritual life without renouncing worldly pleasures if the ascendant’s sub lord is Ketu, positioned in the constellation of a planet in the 9th house. This is especially true if Ketu connects with Saturn and the 12th house, and if Venus is strongly associated with Mars.
  11. Concerning a missing person, if the 1st cusp’s sublord signifies houses 2, 8, and 9, they are likely to return during the periods represented by houses 2, 8, and 11.
  12. Good health is implied if the sub lord of the ascendant is in the constellation of a planet representing houses 1 & 11.
  13. A woman may have witch-like tendencies if the sub lord of her ascendant is in a fiery sign and has a robust connection with the ‘evil’ houses (6, 8, 12) and certain planets.
  14. The sublord of lagna, if it’s Ketu (representing liberation and knowledge) and is in the star of a planet in the 12th house and connected to the 9th, indicates a person’s mental inclination towards spiritual enlightenment.

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