KP Jyotish Astrology First House Bhava Rules

Practical and research based Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) rules for application and prediction in the birth and horary horoscopes.

1.    Longevity :- sub lord of the ascendant cusp if signifies bhadaka and maraka houses short life.

    If signifies 1,5,9,10 along with 3 & 8 promised long life. A caution is necessary here. If the sub lord of the ascendant signifies 11 and ascendant falls in a movable sign, life is short, if it falls in a fixed sign and signifies ix, life is short.

2.    Sickly native:- if the sublord of the lagna cusp is in the constellation of planet in vi , one will be sickly. The period of sickness whenever the significators of 1 and 6 operates.

3.    If the ascendant sub lord of a girl is full significator of xi and well connected to jupiter, she is really chaste and chastity is maintained.

4.    If the sublord of the ascendant is connected fully to Saturn, mars and Venus and 5 and 11 sub lords connected to either of these planets one will be debauch, even to the extent of committing incest.

5.    Sub lord of the 1st cusp indicates the general health of the native and also of the general condition of the head.

6.    The sublord of the ascendant is in the constellation of planet who is posited in Marakasthana of Bhadhakasthana the life is very short.

7.    Sub lord of the ascendant tells ones physical features in terms of its connection with the signs and combination with other planets.

8.    Fame of a person is known through the 1st cusp sublord connected to x through star.

9.    Will I commit murder :- the sub lord of the querist’s ascendant is deposited in the constellation of planet which is significator of the victim’s bhadhakasthana or marakashthana and also the significator of querist’s ii house, then he commits murder.

10.    To lead a spiritual life, the sub lord of ascendant being Ketu, deposited in the constellation of planet in 9th the and Ketu in some manner connected to Saturn and 12th,  if he has Venus well connected to mars, he will lead a family life and spiritual life without taking sanyasa margam, (kethu gnanakaraka, ix philosophy and higher knowledge, 12th for service to others).

11.    In the question of the missing person, the sublord of the 1st cusp signifies 2, 8 and 9, he is sure to return in the period of the significators of 2, 8 and 11, as is the case being consulted by the kith and kin of the missing one.

12.    If the sub lord of the ascendant is deposited in the constellation of the planet occupying houses 1 & 11, health is generally very good.

13.    A woman can be a witch only when the sub lord of ascendant is in a fiery sign having strong connection with all the three evil houses, i.e. 6 and 8 and 12 along with Saturn and mars or Ketu, connected in some way or the other.

14.    Lagna, denotes mental disposition and changes in individual life, if the sublord of lagna happpens to be kethu who is moksha karaka as well as gnanakaraka and situated in the star of a plenet in 12 and connected 9 through sub or some other manner, the native’s mental disposition will be poised towards mokshasthana.


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