KP Jyotish Astrology Fourth House Bhava Rules

Practical and research based Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) bhava rules for application and prediction in the birth and horary horoscopes.

4th house
1.    Discharge from hospital houses 2, 4 and 11 sub lord of the 4th cusp.

2.    Construction of house: houses 4, 11 and 11 sub lord of the 4th cusp.

3.    Will a particular child go in adoption if the 4th cusp sub lord of the child is deposited in a dual sign or if the sub lord itself is Mercury and if the sub lord is a significator of 8th house (house for legacy). The child is given in adoption. The conjoining period of the significators of 4 and 8, houses of the child to be considered for timing the event.

4.    Any treasure in my building, if the sub a lord of the 4th cusp is deposited in the constellation of planets 2, 6 and 11 you will have treasure. The lord of the constellation must have some connection with Saturn in direct motion.

5.    The house under query is a haunted one if the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies  3 or 9 and in any manner connected with Saturn and mars, Uranus and Neptune.

6.    If the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 8 or 12 or 4, you will marry a career girl.

7.    When will he reach home?

    If the sub lord of the 4th cusp is in the constellation of a planet signifying 11. And in a movable sign, we will reach home soon. If fixed sign – long duration, if common sign undue delay.

8.    Medical examination physical): if the sub lord of the 4th cusp is a significator of 10 house and well connected to 11th you will appear for medical examination and come out successful

9.    Release from jail: sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 2, 4 and 11 release will be in conjoining period of 2, 4 and 11.

10.    Domestic environments are shown through the sub lord of the 4th cusp.

11.    Sub lord of the 4th cusp is in the constellation of mercury or Jupiter, promises education and planets signifying 4, 9 and 11 give education in the periods and is to be judged from the sub lords of the cusps of 9 and 11 also. The sub lord of the 9th cusp throws light on higher studies and research.

12.    4th cusp represents the educational institution (college). So the sub lord of the 4th cusp if posited in the star of planets signifying 4 and 11, admission into the institution (college) is certain.

13.    Sub lord of the 4th cusp signifying 8 and 12 causes breaks in education or no education in certain cases.

14.    To sell a house, the sub lord of the 10th cusp signifies 3 and 10 (mars should have some relevance with 10th). Houses 3, 5 and 10 to be judged for selling and 3 and 12 for giving possession.

Note: 4th represents immovable property (land, building etc) mars is the karaka for such properties. The purchaser is represented by the 7th cusp of the chart and his acquisition of property is denoted by the 4th from 7th i.e. 10th. Whether any party would purchase the Querent’s property(i.e. Whether the querent will be able to sell the property) is therefore to be judged from 10th cusp of the chart.

The Querent’s property is denoted by the 4th cusp and his parting with it by the 3rd house (which is 12 from 4). Thus some party would purchase only if the sub lord of the 10th cusp is a significator of 3rd and 10th. The 5th house is also relevant to the matter as it is the 11th house from the 7th representing purchaser.

15.    House: if the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 4, 11 and 12 one will construct a house and mars also should come into the picture for immovable properties and buildings and Saturn for construction. 11th fulfilment of desires and 12th for investment of money.

    Note :- as the purchased house is not a new building, 6 and 9 bhavas are also to be judged because, 6th is 12th for the 7th which stands for the person who sells and the 9th is 12th to 4th of the 7th.

16.    Transfer in service: the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 3, 10 and 12 and the conjoint period of these houses operate transfer is effected.

    If 4th cusp sub lord signifies 4th house and if there is a transfer order issued, it will get cancelled if the 11th cusp sub lord signifies 1, 2,4,10 and 11 and he will be retained if these significators operate.

17.    If the sub lord of the 4th cusp is in the star of a planet signifying 3 and 12, change in residence cannot be ruled out.

18.    To ascertain the outcome of an examination one has to look the sub lord of the 4th cusp. The same should be connected to the 11th house and at the same time should have no connection with the 3rd which is negation to the 4th house matters. Then he will be successful.

19.    If the 4th cusp sublord is Venus itself and connected to any of the improving houses in movable signs, one will have vehicles and vehicular comforts, if in fixed signs furniture and if in common signs rocking chaior like articles, giving bodily comforts.

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