KP Jyotish Astrology Second House Bhava Rules

Practical and research based Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) bhava rules for application and prediction in the birth and horary horoscopes.

2nd cusp
1.    Speaking truth: sub lord of the 2nd cusp is

    Mars        :- untruth and mischievous
    Saturn    :- hides some news
    Mer        :- detailed information
    Venus        :- peace maker
    sun        :- noble, never lies
    Jupiter    :- truth only.

2.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is mars or in the star of mars spend thrift, Saturn = economical and stead fastness.

3.    To cheat another: sub lord of the 2 cusp should be deposited in the star of the significator of 6 and 10, and Saturn and Mercury connected to the sub lord in some manner.

4.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is either Ketu or Rahu and found in a mute sign, there is defect in speech (cusp also to be formed in the star of planet owning mute sign).

5.    2nd cusp indicates finance, family, marriage and kutumbham, childbirth and maraka (death)etc.

    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp signifies 5 and 11, predict child birth, 7 and 11 predict marriage, 6 only borrowing money and incoming debt, 7 only finance through public contacts, 6 and 11 success in litigation or getting promotion in service, 6 and 1 borrowing money due to ill health, 7 and 10 lucrative income through business, 7 and bhadaka house death.

6.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is well connected to 7 second marriage, if connected only to 11th house, one will have a keep as (7 house shows legal bondage where as 11 indicates attachment and friendship only)

7.    The sub lord of the 2 cusp is well connected to 12 defect in eye can be envisaged in general.

8.    The sub lord of the 2 cusp is the constellation of a depositor of 6 and 11 shows very good financial status.

    In houses 2 and 10, moderate affluence,

    in houses 1 and 3 just satisfactory financial condition.

    Improving houses (i.e. 1,2,3,6,10 and 11) are favourable from the financial point of view.

9.    If the sublord of the 2 cusp be connected in any manner with the 11 house then one may have connection with another’s wife other than his legal partner, provided 5 is connected with 2 (otherwise it tells about using another man’s property).

    Houses 2,5 and 11 should be considered for periods and timing the  event.

10.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is Jupiter and signifies 11 house, whatever he speaks is true and will come to pass, (vaksiddha).

11.    If Mars happens to be the sub lord of the 2 cusp he is argumentative and authoritative, if it signifies 8 it portends quarrelsome nature in speech.

12.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is Venus and signifies 11 or 5 one will connect sex in speech invariably in all matters.

13.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is Saturn, one will use hide and seek and juggler of words, while speaking even though the matter is genuine and good one.

14.    If the sub lord of the 2 cusp is connected  2 and 12 one will get money through behind the screen matters (in secret manner).

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